ATV2 Webserver - Lighttpd

So I've been pondering for something to do all morning on my day off work, and i came across this pretty cool article,

Basically it is possible to install lighttpd on the ATV2.
...Now I've already jailbroken my shiny little black box to install XBMC, so this should be a nice little project that i can run in the background that will keep running costs cheap and means i wont have to buy some web hosting. Lets just hope my ISP starts to be more reliable!

It looks like you only need to run a few commands over SSH
 - SSH in and change the root password<br />  
 - Use apt-cache and apt-get to find and install lighttpd<br />  
 - Use SFTP to upload a /etc/lighttpd.conf config file for lighttpd<br />  
 - Within /usr/sbin/ run lighttpd-angel -f /etc/lighttpd.conf to start lighttpd<br />  
 - Write a plist file in /Library/LaunchDaemons to launch lighttpd on boot  
  Hopefully i should be able to serve some content to my blog straight from my ATV!