Bouncing Ball Example

So after seeing a few other examples of peoples entries for js13k competition, i realised i need to step it up a notch! I'm new to the whole html5 canvas, and game development in general, (I'm an App / Web developer, not a game developer!) so i started a new game.

I dont know where i am going with this, but here is POC so far, its like a bouncing ball type thing. So far I have almost nailed Newtons law (still a bit laggy!) in its most basic form and the concept of trajectory. Hopefully an idea will happen as I keep implementing things.

Heres the POC so far:
Bouncing Ball Example

  • I've now updated this to include inverted gravity logic, and also platform collision detection logic. I just need something to create with it now!! I still cant work out why it runs so slow in firefox!! In chrome, its fine

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