js13k game submission and general javascript rant

So i finally to round to finishing my 13k game, its not too fancy, just simple, but I like simple games :)

It really surprised me that I have spent many an evening working on random ideas for android games etc. (I've probably worked on over 50) and never finished one [ Except my POC Triple Triad Card List ], yet with this 13k game I managed to complete in a couple of nights! Maybe I should start playing around with html5 and javascript more, its just soooooo easy to get everything up and running, and i find debugging the code much nicer using firebug than using eclipse (for android)

And I guess knowing more and more about javascript can only be a bonus, as it seems like that's the way we are headed! Javascript is not a language i have ever officially studied, i just picked it up as I went along because i needed more functionality than html only supplied.

Classic example: today i realised that from a function, you can get all arguments passed in, but in array form by using the arguments object. I never knew this until today! Its scary how something simple like that can catch you out if you don't know a language inside out. I guess it also shows that someone can use complicated frameworks, test suites (jasmine etc.) yet not know something relatively basic. I guess you never really need to know something until you need to use it to solve a problem!!

...Guess it's time i got the textbooks out!!