General Update

Finally my submission is up on the JS13kGames site, its good to see it up finally!

The games by other people seem pretty cool too, I've never created a HTML5 game, nor entered any sort of competition to create some software, so its been real hard to judge what level is expected etc. I suppose the 13k limit is pretty cool, as it makes you think more about what you are coding, and its more about what you can fit in rather than making it look nice!

In other news, my google rank seems like its getting up there, I annoys me that everytime i google my name it comes up with some horse photography or some rock and roll geezer. Its about time i got on top!

I've also decided to give up on the bouncing ball game thing, I'll just leave my AgentXIII game in the JS13k competition as the bouncing ball game isn't really going anywhere; and now i have coded the logic, i'm getting real bored adding new platforms/walls/hazards! I enjoyed coding gravity etc, it's something I don't get to do everyday

Who knows, maybe one day I'll pick it back up!