No Sleep!!!

So i did not manage to get much sleep last night, work up around 3, and couldn't go back to sleep so started coding! I started having a look at PhoneGap again. Its something i have tried out in the past, but never really grasped what i would use it for. I think now i could try out a few Html5 games, since i enjoyed working on the game for the JS13k competition!

So far i have setup the Cordova solution, and have implemented a simple FPS on the canvas.
I cant believe how simple it is use, I also deployed to my HTC Sensation and Xperia X10 and performance seemed resonable.

Its not very good on my laptop, but then again what did I expect on a lowish spec laptop!

I guess i have to see how far i can push the app, its always more complicated working on supporting multiple devices!!