Find a good client for Azure Table storage

Today I played around with Azure Table storage.

A service I was looking at uses a log4net appender to dump all its logging information, straight into azure table storage. (Log4NetAzureExtensions.Appenders.AzureTableStorageAppender) It has months (maybe years) of data, so running a query was going to take a looooooooooong time.

I must say I've never had experience of using Azure Table storage before, so was unfamiliar with the syntax used for querying results, it looks a bit like powershell but i couldn't seem to limit my result set. I knew that azure table storage is a nosql document store but that's as far as it goes.

Visual studio allows you to connect straight to Azure Table storage, but the UI is really bad, and the query builder even worse. I wanted something quick, where I wouldn't have to spend ages reading some tutorial before i could get something out of it. Guessing at the query language wasn't really getting me far, and each time there was a syntax error, it would wait about 30 seconds before returning an error. 

I did a quick google search, and came across Azure Storage Explorer. The UI was better, but the query builder still seemed pretty poor. It was slow, and didn't really offer anything more than the Visual Studio UI did,

I then found out that Linqpad has support for Azure tables via a plugin.
This meant I could use LINQ to azure table storage. It's pretty fast, and meant it would check my syntax before I ran a query, I really like it!!

If you are stuck for something similar, I most certainly recommend this for quick snippets against Azure Table storage!