Woo! RaspberryPi!

So i finally got my pi!

I went to micro direct at the weekend, turns out they have lots in stock!!

I cancelled my order with RS components as it was delayed until probably next year Now i have raspian up and running, i need a project!!

I’m tempted to try out raspbmc, but i think my first project to try out will be using my pi as a server. First I need to setup SSH and FTP, this shouldn’t be too difficult, then i can install Node JS.

Its quite difficult looking for tutorials on this kinda stuff as its all relatively new, but I think i’ll be following this link


which seems fairly straight forward! …but what to do next? I have been trying out some of the features of jQuery mobile, so maybe I’ll try some kind of client server type app? This link should call straight into my pi, running node js

Written on April 15, 2012.